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For so long I was dreaming to " correct my legs", but eventually I almost gave up on it.
Besides that I thought that it is only a dream and practically nothing could be done in reality for that.

Quit resently, rather out of curiosity, I was surfing the web looking for all kind of information in this issue and I' ve found the Ladisten clinic site. I enquired by e-mail could they help me and there was immidiat reply from the clinic: " Yes, come!"
Very soon after that I went to Kiev and on the next day there I had the surgery.
It was made by the best specialist in the world Dr. Veklich. The surgery was done perfectly and smoothly without any complication. Only later I have realized how fortunate I was to be operated by Dr Vecklich who has a lot of experience and skills that secures the success of this surgery.

All the way though the whole thing I was helped by the Clinic administrator and Dr Veklich assistant Victoria. Her management's skills made all the procedure smooth and pleasant from the meeting in the airport at the arrival and till the arranging the depature after the successful surgery and treatment.

My stay in the clinic was a very pleasant and comfortable. The clinic is located in the new nice buiding, very clean and beautifuly decorated. I have recieved a wonderful bedroom with many chanels TV, with a separate fridge and a separate bathroom.

The staff in the Ladisten Clinic is very proffesional and carring. They are lovingly taking care after of their patiens, every day they cook a fresh and wholesome meal and always ready to help in every possible way.

Though sometimes the time seems to move very slowly and may be it is better try to think in advance how would you keep youself busy: writing a book, learning a new language? But one way or the other eventually those "long moments" pass.

I am so glad it is done now and very grateful to Dr. Veclich and his staff that made my dream a reality to me.

I can tell now that it is absulutely safe to come to Ukraine to Ladisten clinic and wish you every success in accomplishing this pesonal and such an important to you project.

With best regards,
Linda, Canada


I found the Ladisten website by chance on March of this year (2004). Little I knew how much my life would change. It had being a long time since I gave up on my dream of correcting my bow legs. No doctor that I visited before for the last 20 years would take on the challege. And suddenly there it was in front of my eyes, a doctor who was willing to help me on something that had damaged my self esteem so much.

I contacted them and one month later I was on my way to Ukraine. When I look back I can't believe what I did. I had many fears, but my desire to change my life was bigger. I soon discovered I had no reason to fear. Dr. Veklich and his assistant Victoria will make you feel at home. The surgery went smoothly and almost no scars, the recovery center is a brand new building, you'll have your own spacious bedroom with TV and cable, the food is great, the nurses and medical staff are very caring. And although time sometimes go really slow when you miss home, you'll soon discover that it was worth it.

I'm enjoying my new life.

Katherine from Florida


Dr Veklich,
How are you?
It has been some time since I have contacted you, and thought I would take a moment to say Hi. How is Victoria and family and staff. I wanted to thank you once again for the surgery you performed on me , to straighten my legs. I can not beleive how much weight I can lift. I was a little scared for awile, but over came that in time. My alignment is so good, and wanted to thank you again. I will never forget my visit to your country, the people and most of all what you did for me. Say Hi to your wife, and your staff for the great cooken...

Michael Crane
United States


19th June 2005

My name is James and I am 55 years old. I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

In December 2004 I was surfing the web looking for information on the treatment of bow legs. I really hated them. There were no treatments in the U.K. Luckily for me I found the Ladisten clinic site. I enquired by e-mail could they help me and the reply was " Yes, we can!"

In January 2005 I went to Kiev and on my second day there had the surgery. My operation was done by the world's leading surgeon in this field, Dr. Veklich. It is amazing and the method is unique to Ladisten.

If you are embarrased by your bow legs and considering treatment take my advice and choose Ladisten. I know it is the best because I now have perfectly straight normal legs and no scars of any kind!!

If you have any doubts at all about being treated believe me you have nothing to worry about. If you want any information Victoria at Ladisten will give you my contact details . I will be delighted to tell you of my fantastic treatment.

Good luck!

James, Scotland.


Once upon a time I was consumed by the frustration of having bowed legs. My quality of life was effected every single day by this condition. I was ashamed and felt I could not enjoy the things I would have liked to do.

Especially as a young woman my self esteem was shattered. Feeling hopeless, but determined I found Ladisten on the internet. I was scared to go all the way to Ukraine (in jan. of 2006) and leave my home for 3 months. Let me tell you it was the best decision I've ever made! Immediatly after my surgery I was aware that none other Doctor in the world could compare to Dr. Veklich.

His skill is truely miraculous. My stay at the clinic was made so comfortable by the doctors, the assistant Victoria and all of the nurses. It was my home for 3 months and even though the time went by slow some days I took advantage, appreciated and enjoyed every moment I was there.

This was a life changing experiance far beyond recieving beautifully straight legs. I am eternally thankful to Dr. Veklich and all his staff for using their love and care to provide such an extroidinary service to others. Victoria can provide my contact info. if you have any questions for me.

Stephanie, California

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