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Limb lengtheningGenu varum and
genu valgum treatment
Elimination of defects

We only use methods adopted by the whole world

In Ladisten Clinic we only use methods adopted by the whole world - Ilizarov technique. But as human needs have changed and scientific and technical progress has come to provide more and more possibilities, Dr. Vitaliy Veklich has improved G. Ilizarov`s fixator. He created Ilizarov-Veklich device - external fixator for bow legs and knock-knees correction, limb lengthening, orthopedic trauma healing. More

For more precise and updated information regarding limb length differencies , limb-lengthening, short stature & height increase, bow legs correction (genu varum correction), and knock knee correction (genu valgum correction) , please visit the official website of Ladisten Clinic or call +380.44.222.8054. Thank you!



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