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Surprisingly, there are many people all over the world suffering from bow legs and knock knee problems.

That especially refers to young girls, for whom the defect often results in a serious complex, because it may seem unimportant to whoever but the person itself concentrating too much on her/his own flaws. Bow legs are not just a reason for an inferiority complex to develop though, for uneven pressure onto the outer and inner part of knee-joints has been proved to lead to their quick wear, early developed arthrosis, as well as to pain and progressing deformation. Legs deformation and pain are the reasons why a great number of elderly people cannot walk.

There are also some diseases in the course of which shin- and thigh-bones are bowed, and a person is not able to move in a normal way at all. As for congenital defects, they can turn one into a complete invalid. But now all those anomalies have come to be curable with the help of the improved Ilizarov device.

Apart from the outlines of an extremity's soft tissues, "the shape of one's legs" is also determined by the biomechanical axis and correlation between the thigh axis and the shin one. The everyday notion "shapely legs" is identified as legs having a biomechanically correct axis. The biomechanical axis of a leg is considered to go through the head of the thigh-bone, the middle of the knee-cap and the first span between the foot fingers. The anatomical axis of a shin runs through the biochemical one of the limb, with the tactical approaches to correcting the shape of lower extremities being based upon complex estimation of those data.

There are two types of cosmetic varus deformations of lower limbs. In the first case the deformation top is located in the upper third of one's shin near the knee-joint. And in the second case main curvature is between the middle and the lower third of the segment. So, a concrete method of correction depends on the deformation type.

After such treatment that only takes 2.5-3 months (which depends on the extent to which legs are deformed) our patient can walk in a normal way and forget about pain or bow legs. The operation requires nearly small skin cutting and is bloodless, so you should  not have to worry about postoperative scars.

So, this is already a fact that, along with getting rid of the inferiority complex, solving the bowlegs problem also means prophylaxis of deforming arthrosis.

For more information on bow legs (genu varum) correction and knock-knee (genu valgum) fixing, please contact Ladisten Specialist at official website of Ladisten Clinic

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