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The Ladisten Clinic  - is the Orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults clinic, and is a really comfortable hospital equipped with all improvements both for mothers with their children and elderly people.

The hospital services include: daily visits of the doctor in charge of the case, round-the-clock care of a nurse and an aid-woman, all the manipulations prescribed by the doctor (physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, baths, mechanotherapy, etc.) and dressing.

Cubicles and double wards with a tilting bed for patients with serious illnesses.



 Accommodation in Ladisten. Accommodation in Ladisten.
 The ward in  Ladisten. The ward in  Ladisten.
Those are the wards for you to live and receive aftercare in the course of the whole cure. The double ward that is foreseen for the cases when one's relatives or friends come to visit him/her has all necessary conveniences like satellite television, a phone set, air-conditioner and Internet access. There is also a gym for complete muscle and strength rehabilitation.
 The kitchen in Ladisten.
Here is the kitchen, so, bon appetite!
 The bathroom in Ladisten.
The bathroom with all conveniences.

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