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Limb lengthening. Ladisten Clinic offers  growth correction scheme that is based upon Ilizarov`s method of lengthening the lower and upper extremities segments he developed in detail. The method application covers shortening one of the limbs and lengthening their segments for patients suffering from bone pathology, etc.

Cosmetic Limb lengthening (in terms of its extent) for healthy persons of medium height requires rational argumentation, which means additional length is only determined according to anatomical norms and proportions of human body. In case they do not stick to those norms and correlations at the patient`s own request, the disproportions arising are even more defective than insufficient height. That is why doctor is the only one to determine correctly how much height the patient is going to "put on".

The treatment method of Ilizarov and Veklich allows extremities segments to be lengthened by 5 to 10 cm, the patient only undergoing a single one-stage operation, and legs deformations also being corrected in the course of it. Which provides solutions to both the problem of bow legs and that of height. The method`s low traumatism and the fact that there are no ugly scars left after the treatment belong to its most essential advantages.

If you have questions regarding limb lengthening procedure, please call +380.44.222.8054 or visit official website of Ladisten Clinic.

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