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In our clinic we only use methods long adopted by the whole world that among others, include the technology of Ilizarov device. But as human needs have changed and scientific and technical progress has come to provide more and more possibilities, Dr. Vitaliy Veklich has improved G. Ilizarov`s method by making use of the simplified Ilizarov and Veklich device for operating patients.

The technology characteristics include low traumatism (for operations are made without cutting skin, i.e. bloodless), as well as stability and safety of device, short terms of treatment, guarantee against inflammations and an excellent effect.

They use the given method in various spheres of orthopedic and traumatic surgery, the applications comprising, for instance, growth increasing, correction bow legs and knock-knee, eliminating and congenital bone defects.

The method combining elements of plastic (aesthetic) surgery and classical orthopedics is another step forward for the contemporary medicine.

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