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In our clinic we use methods which have been recognized all over the world. It is explained by application of Ilizarov's technologies in our medical practices. The main instrument we use for legs lengthening, correction of bone, joint defects and treatment of fractures is improved Ilizarov-Veklich's fixators.

Surgical treatment of patients with congenitally absent or undeveloped cannon-bones has always been quite a pressing problem for restorative osteoplastic surgery. The task of treating such patients is complicated by bone defects or considerable shortening of limb, shin or knee-joint deformation, marked deformation and shortening, subluxation or dislocation of the foot and underdeveloped knee-joint ligaments.

Fast progressive shortening and defect of shinbones result in serious compensative deformations, i.e. in spinal curvature, distorted pelvis, ecvinus foot position.

High-grade anatomic and functional changes lead to distortion or absence of support and movement function that is one of the most important functions of a lower extremity. A child's active way of life is changed, and subsequent labor activity is very much limited. All abovementioned problems badly affect patients' psyche and determine high disability rate.

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